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Express Car Wash

Here is a glimpse at an express car wash development project that we were recently involved in. This was an exciting project to be a part of and has been opperational since 2023.

We highly recommend getting involved in one of these investments.  Current projects have been filled but more will be coming soon.  These opportunities are limited and fill up fast.  Complete the Next Step to receive information on our future express car wash investment opportunities.

Why am I investing in express carwash assets and inviting others to invest with me?

Regular need: Car wash is a service that people need regularly. It is not a one-time purchase, which ensures recurring revenue as a subscription model.

Low labor costs: Express car washes are typically automated and require less manual labor than traditional full-service car washes. This significantly reduces the overhead costs associated with staffing.

High volume: The express nature of these car washes means they can service a large number of vehicles in a short time. This high volume can contribute to high profits.

Low price sensitivity: Car wash services are relatively inexpensive, and consumers are often willing to pay for the conven-ience. This results in a low-price sensitivity, allowing businesses to maintain higher prices and profit margins.

• Accessible Capital: Barriers to entry from a capital perspective are relatively low, compared to other real estate as-set classes.

• One of the very few real estate asset classes that has performed well through COVID-19.

• No entitlement risks for the construction of a car wash.

Why am I investing in the Clean Carwash brand and inviting others to invest with me?

• Proven Track Record: Very experienced operator/partner who has owned and operated 65 car washes in the last 12 years.

• Quick Construction Phase: Construction is typically completed 9-12 months from date land is purchased. This will result in quicker cashflow.

• Proven Operating Procedure: Stabilization is estimated to be in the third quarter of operations.

• Economies of scale: Larger car wash chains can also benefit from economies of scale. They can buy supplies in bulk at a lower cost and use streamlined, efficient processes to reduce operating costs.

• Tax Advantage: Estimate of up to 100% first year accelerated depreciation expense for those investors that are able to take advantage of depreciation expenses.

• We eliminate entitlement risks for our investors.

*The exact profit margins can vary depending on a variety of factors such as location, competition, operational efficiency, and the specific services offered. However, it’s not uncommon for a well-run car wash to have profit margins between 33 and 45%, once stabilized and subject to market conditions.