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We Donate the First 10% of Our Company Profits (not investor returns) to Charities & Ministries We Believe In

Learn more about the orginizations we support by clicking on them below:

The Child Liberation Foundation was founded in February 2017 with a passion and commitment to end child trafficking around the world. Click here to learn more.

Liberating Humanity is a mission is to liberate humanity from generation abuse, addition, and other traumas by equipping individuals and families with the skills and knowledge to lead safe, successful, and happier lives.   Click here to learn more.

Hives for Heroes® is a national non-profit service organization focusing on sustainability, conservation, and providing a healthy transition from service. Click here to learn more.

Restore Texas Ministries is a Christ-centered trade school that equips committed men with another chance to live productive lives. Click here to learn more.